Eugene Liscio:

Eugene Liscio is a registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario, Canada and is the owner of AI2-3D; a company that specializes in 3D forensic measurement, analysis and visualizations. Eugene’s background stems from the aerospace industry where he first worked in the Metrology Laboratory at Boeing Canada. He eventually moved on to work at a US based aerospace machinery manufacturer where he first used his 3D skills to create concept machinery. This is also about the time when he became interested in the application of 3D design and reconstruction to the field of forensics. Today, AI2-3D has created 3D reconstructions of shooting incidents, homicides, medical malpractice and vehicular accidents using a variety of technologies such as 3D microscopes, photogrammetry, total stations and laser scanners.

Eugene also provides training for law enforcement and private industry both locally and internationally. Courses and workshop topics range from photogrammetry, 3D reconstructions, laser scanning and Forensic Mapping. He is also a regular attendee and presenter at many conferences all over the world to promote the use of 3D forensic reconstruction tools and techniques.

Currently, Eugene is engaged in research at the University of Toronto where he has been a guest lecturer and has been a mentor to several research students as part of their 4th year projects. Past and current research projects include areas such as clandestine grave documentation, bloodstain pattern analysis, suspect height analysis and photogrammetry for crime scene documentation.

Eugene has been an active member and supporter of the IAFSM and is currently on the Communications Committee. He has written several articles for the FSM, provided demonstrations, and has presented at the last 3 SPAR Conferences in Houston and The Haag.

David Dustin:

David Dustin is an experienced Engineering Professional with many years in Industrial Automation as well as Project Management.
David is the owner of Dustin Productions LLC in Adairsville, GA and specializes in creating photo-realistic animations and real-time environments for use in Litigation as well as Criminal Prosecutorial matters.
Additionally, David is a U.S. Patent holder, iPad application developer, 3ds Max Point cloud plugin developer and member of the AutoDesk Point Cloud Customer Council.

David has written articles for the IAFSM Newsletter, spoken at the 3d Documentation conference, published technical papers (advanced machine controls) and offers training related to advanced 3ds Max techniques.
Recent work has incorporated extensive use of Laser Scanning data to both construct accurate environments as well as animating inside the point cloud.
Pro bono work for various law enforcement agencies is a high priority as it is a method to elevate the capabilities of those agencies without the associated costs.
David remains on call 24 hours a day to assist local law enforcement with significant injury wrecks as well as crime scenes.

Independent thinking and insisting on the highest levels of data integrity used on cases has earned David the reputation of being consummately anal retentive (it needs to be right).
Working in the private sector requires efficiency and competency in order to succeed. This same drive an determination is applied to all projects David pursues.