C2M 1.2 Released

Clouds2Max users.

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Clouds2Max.

C2M as we like to call it, has been a labor of love for us as it fills a very specific niche. We use it everyday for our own projects.. Some of the new features are shown here.

Rather than require our users be issued new serial numbers and go through the whole activation process all over again, we have decided to do something unique. We are going to use the honor system. If you decide to install it you can send $80 US for each workstation license and $10 US for each Net Render license (See the links below). We trust you to do the right thing. Once we receive your payment, we will email the latest version to you.
Feel free to email us (use the online support in the lower right corner) with any questions.

The new version brings with it some exciting new features:

Support for the Nitrous interface
Multi nitrous configurations allow choosing the best settings for your system
Support for 3ds Max 2015
Improved rendering speed
Point cloud color enhancement features including blurring/blending scan colors resulting in significant improvements in aesthetic quality

Cloning of portions of point clouds
Improved offline activation
Adaptive degradation support
Various point filtering capabilities added
Vertex draping and color map extraction from the point cloud (documentation pending).

Best regards, David Dustin and Eugene Liscio 


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